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Our Vision:

To provide mentorship to youth with opportunities to grow and develop their skills, talents and character through academics, athletics, and community service. The organization will strive to instill its core values of sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, loyalty and a strong work ethic through participation in youth football and cheer related activities that develop student athletes empowered with self-esteem, courage, perseverance and a healthy active lifestyle.

Core Values:

Sportsmanship | Teamwork | Integrity | Loyalty | Strong Work Ethic 

Mascot: SkyHawks

Colors: Navy Blue, Grey, White

Helmet Color: Navy Blue

Practice Fields: North Fontana

Football Uniform-01.jpg
Cheer Uniform.jpg

Samples of potential uniforms.

League Highlights:

- Cheer (ages 5 - 8th grade) Tackle Football (ages 5 - 8th grade), 
   Flag Football (ages 5 - 6)
- Thriving & competitive conference

- Organized & experienced league
- All new gear & equipment
- High quality practice/game fields
- All games are local and all age brackets travel together to games
- Brackets are age appropriate & safe with weighted classes
- Unlimited weight available in several categories
- All coaches are background checked & Heads Up safety certified
- 2 scholarships available for each team

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